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What is the Judeo-Christian-Islamic Covenant

The Judeo-Christian-Islamic Covenant, Inc. is an envisioned international peace organization based in the United States. Its members are Christian, Muslim, and Jewish faith leaders who span the globe and have made a covenant before God, their congregations, and all nations to inspire God’s transcendent peace. Their mission is to bring an end to the victimization of the innocents of all faiths, all nations, all races, all skin colors, and all ethnicities, whether violated in the name of God or CountryBuilding on the principles of shared Abrahamic beliefs, values, and virtues, this emerging partnership of faith leaders from across the religious spectrum--conservative, moderate, and liberal--and of all denominations sign a covenant to inspire common causes in their respective congregations and denominations. The peace-making partners will network, coordinate, and communicate via the Internet to publish covenant articles (pledges and common causes), negotiated objectives, and report on independently verified achievements. To strengthen this partnership, participating churches, mosques, and synagogues around the world will be paired with counterparts in the other faith groups, even including partnerships between the Vatican, Grand Mosque in Mecca, and various holy shrines in Jerusalem. Faith leaders inspire potentially billions of followers by appearing hand-in-hand before local, national, and international audiences to affirm their anti-violence stance and solidarity with all innocent victims, whom they mention by name. Faith leaders offer community inclusion to the followers of other faiths in their locales by reading intercongregation messages in the name of The Judeo-Christian-Islamic Covenant and by participating in Covenant Sanctuary Peace Drills and Peace Maker Month campaigns. JCIC, however, does not offer multifaith worship services. This partnership will provide a context for the cause of world peace. The JCIC organization will restructure and open invitations to other faiths once major milestones in grassroots Jewish, Christian, and Muslim relations are achieved. JCIC complements other peace initiatives like the Charter for Compassion. Initially, faith leaders can endorse the covenant on and JCIC will be open for membership when enough endorsements are collected.


First JCIC Meeting: Vision, Mission, and Strategy.

Wednesday Sept 13, 2017 - 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM (Lunch Included)

First Frisco United Methodist Church

7659 Preston Road, Frisco TX